Monday, February 27, 2017

Access-Tiraspol Participation in the Virtual Alumni Program

The US Department of State together with the Reach the World organization invited Access Tiraspol team to participate in an online collaboration project together with American students who participate in the Virtual Alumni Program that will run through May, 2017. 
 Alexandra Pearce is one of those students. She is a native English speaker and lives in Chicago. 
It is a very interesting experience for Access students and for Alexandra as well because Skype sessions are very useful. During these sessions our students can practice their English and Alexandra can practice her Russian.

Access-Drochia Launched the "Who Am I?" Project in Their Community


In January pupils from Access Drochia worked on their first civic engagement project Self-identity, Self- expression. The pupils began from learning what self- identity means and how they can express themselves. Alexandra Rața, the teacher assistant helped to better organize this stage. 

Then they created a survey. All the pupils were involved, but the most active was Mădălina Pripa, she created the online version. The survey was spread among their peers, and after gathering and analyzing the results, they created a receipt of happiness. Valeria Guțu, Doina Ursachi were the girls who designed the receipt, making it attractive. Cucuietu Stivian, Laurențiu Mâțu and others colored the hand made receipts. 

    The next step was to write the script of a short film and of course the shooting. All the pupils took part in shootings, being actors. Inessa Caramov and Sanda Bunescu proposed the mask for the film, the rest worked on the design of the mask. Many pupils had nice ideas and they even had several variants of the film. Nina Țurcanu, being very enthusiastic took the process in her hands and her variant won. She was the photographer and the director, being helped by Laurențiu Mâțu and Mădălina Pripa. Valeria Guțu and Sabina Lozanciuc wrote the words, which were used in the film. 
The pupils liked the process very much and the result too. They found the right music and using cyber link power director program, helped by Alexandra Rața, the pupils published their film. The last stage was to present their receipts in their classes, to discuss the topic with their classmates, to watch the film and to receive feedback.

Click on the picture below to watch the project  video. Enjoy it!

Access-Tiraspol Project on "Self-Identity and Self-Esteem"

Access Tiraspol team has had a great opportunity to design a project entitled "Self Identity and Self Esteem". When working on this project, our students got to know each other better and became a stronger team. The project allowed 18 Access students to practice their English speaking and writing skills and also learn how to use a few online tools, such as mystorymaker

The team got engaged in a few fun activities and took a personality test. After that, the students invited their colleagues from other schools to take the test. It was very challenging for them, but they managed to gather some new and interesting information about their classmates with whom they have been in touch for more than 8 or 11 years. 
They have done a great job and are excited about participating in new experiences and projects!

Access-Drochia took part in the Storybooks Creative Writing Event

On February 24, Access-Drochia team had the possibility to attend the Storybooks Creative Writing event planned to take part at ”Iulian Filip” Library from Drochia. 
There they learnt about Flex Program opportunities through the successful storytelling of two Flex alumni's experience in the USA. They learnt some facts about American culture and had the opportunity to participate in creative writing activities. They spent the time in an interactive way felling very well at the end of the workshop. 

In addition to this, the  Access students met the other peers from other schools of Drochia, interested to promote the civic activism and develop their leadership skills. 

Access Students from Cantemir Implemented a "Youth Self-Expression" Project in their Community

During the first two months of 2017,  the Access students from Cantemir started a new and interesting adventure, exploring the beauty of expressing themselves through the English language. Their project theme was Self - expression and the ways of teens to express themselves, where each participant learned what self – expression is and the ways the teens like to express their personality. Also they made a survey to identify in which ways the teens from three schools from Cantemir like to express themselves. 

Access Educators Attended the 7th South Caucasus Regional English Language Teaching Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia

Two Access educators from Tiraspol and Criuleni participated in the 7th South Caucasus Regional English Language Teaching Conference organised in Tbilisi, Georgia. The conference was organized in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Regional English Language Office and U.S. Embassies from Baku, Yerevan, Minsk and Chisinau. Participants presented and shared their teaching experiences on a range of the topics. Department of State English Language Fellows conducted workshops on advanced EFL/ESL methods for secondary and tertiary level. The program addressed the following themes: using technology in the EFL classroom, content based instruction, integrating across skills in EFL, teaching English for specific purposes, developing intercultural communication and critical thinking approach in ELT (More details HERE).

Participants sharing their impressions:  

Tatiana Sclifos, Access-Criuleni:

”On January 27-28 I had the chance to be one of Moldovan teachers who participated in the 7th South Caucasus Conference hosted by International Black Sea University in Tbilisi. It was an interesting and wonderful experience. I attended 8 workshops and each of them gave me the opportunity to learn something useful. The speakers were experienced educators and their presentations and activities were very engaging. As the main goal of this Conference was using technology in the EFL classroom, I am confident that I will use all the tools that I learned there during my Access classes and not only. Some of the new online tools I learned about are:, I met there new people from different countries, I learned about their educational systems, about their culture, traditions and I so this event was also a cultural exchange. English Fellow teachers: Colin Vandergraaf, Ana Maria Ferraro, Chris Hastings were the greatest treasures of this conference. Beginning with grammar and vocabulary enhancement activities and finishing with critical thinking and online teaching tips - all these useful subjects managed to break boundaries with technology and innovation in the classroom.Thank you all for such a great opportunity!” 

Evghenia Protiuc, Access-Tiraspol: 

”From January 27 to January 28 I had the opportunity to participate in the 7th South Caucasus Conference in Tbilisi. It was a very good experience for me not only as a participant, but as well as a speaker. I participated in the workshops presented by English Fellow Teachers like Colin Vandergraaf, Ana Maria Ferraro, Chris Hastings, Debra Abrams. I could stay for hours and hours listening to them, because they have a lot to share, their experience is without borders. During the first day of the conference we had a reception at The Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the United States of America and could interact with other teachers in a nice and friendly atmosphere. I learned about many useful teaching tools and methodologies which I will be able to use during lessons with my Access team. Most importantly, I learned about the importance of establishing local partnerships with Peace Corp volunteers and English language fellows, who could collaborate with Access students when organising online sessions. I woulld like to thank US Embassy to Moldova and RELO office for such a wonderful possibility!” 

Access-Criuleni Community-Service Project for Kindergarten Children on Self-Esteem

Access students from Criuleni launched a local community service initiative meant to promote the importance of self esteem and tolerance at the Pre-K level. 

Access Criuleni established a local partnership with Spicușor Kindergarten and so local children would participate in various activities coordinated by Access Criuleni students. 

They acted as volunteers and taught children the importance of self respect and self confidence.

In collaboration with ”Spicusor” Kindergarten from Criuleni we coordinated several activities for two groups of preschoolers. Access students organised an ice-breaking dance and three activities based on self-esteem development. The conclusion was that every child is important: the first activity was the ”quality cloud”. 

Every preschooler had to choose the qualities he/she possesses and explain his/her choice; the second activity - was entitled ”My Protective Shield”, which encouraged participants to answer four questions: What’s my name?; What can I do?; What do I want? and Why am I important? The last activity was called ”Qualities Tree of My Group”. Every child completed the blank tree graphic organizer with a leaf or a fruit, talking about their friends’ qualities. 

This one had the goal to make kids realize the importance of every person and be tolerant from an early age. Kindergarten children were very active and positive, and they enjoyed participating in all activities because they were asking with gleaming eyes when the teens will come again. That was the first community project organized by ACCESS team from Criuleni.

Academy for Innovation and Change through Education together with the U.S. Embassy officially launched Access Program in Criuleni, Tiraspol, Cantemir and Drochia

       In January 2017 the Academy for Innovation and Change through Education (AICE) with the financial support of  the US Embassy to Moldova launched the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access Program) in four regions from Moldova: Cantemir, Tiraspol, Criuleni and Drochia. 


The Access Program will provide a foundation of English language skills to 72 newly-recruited talented 13-20 year-olds from economically disadvantaged sectors through after-school classes and intensive sessions. Access gives participants English skills that may lead to better jobs and educational prospects. Participants also gain the ability to compete for and participate in future exchanges and study in the United States.

    Founded by a group of USG exchange programs alumni from Moldova, AICE enables local individuals and institutions to develop key skills in such areas as quality education, integration of technology, civic engagement, youth empowerment, gender equality and regional development.