Friday, November 20, 2015

"The Struggle for The Environment"

          1. General Information:

1.1. Access site: Ribnita

1.2. Project title: The Struggle for the Environment 


      2.1. Project Duration (weeks/ months):
                    Start date:     19.10.15                     End date: 06.12.15

2.2. General project description: We want to make a flash mob about the importance of saving the environment. After that to clean the bank of our river.

2.3.Project justification:  Environmental problem is one of global problems of modernity. In our city it is particularly relevant. Our city is on a river so we decided to work on cleaning the shores.

   2.4. Project main goal(s):
    1. To clean the bank
    2. To explain with the help of a flash mob that cleanliness is important.

2.5.Project objectives: (the actions the goal(s) will be achieved through)
 1. To show an example to the rest of the people 
 2. To make more beautiful our riverside
 3. To solve one of many environmental problems
 4. To make bank of the Dniestr cleaner
 5. To make people understand that they are to value and protect our public places

2.6. Project key personnel:
1. Our group will work on cleaning the shores
2. We will make flash mob showing that you need to protect nature
3. We will bring people together and serve t-shirts gloves and trash bags
4. Remove garbage along the river bank
5. Download it in a trash car

2.7. Project Partners: 2 schools from Ribnita and Rezina 

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"Colorful Town: Make your world better"

1           1.     General Information:

1.1. Access site: Grigoriopol

1.2. Project title: Colourful town-make your world better.

1.3.Project Coordinator (Repida Elena, Liubovi Sandul)


            2.1. Project Duration: October 18, 2015- December 31, 2015 

2.2.General project description
We want to make alive our town and the spirit of the people through Mural and Body Art. Our motivation is to enlighten the town’s spirit through beauty. 

2.3.Project justification:   

       We have chosen this kind of project because we need renaisence and colourful atmosphere.We think that it is an interesting acitivity. This project will influence all participants’ fantasy, and will make them feel better and happier.

     2.4. Project main goal(s):
     1.To improve our town
     2.To develop our abilities and abilities of other people in wall painting, and body painting.

      2.5. Project objectives: The project goals will be: identify the community’s opinion about the places from the town that needs improvement, and their attitude on using Mural Art and Body Art. 
     2. design the Mural Art and Body Art sketches, 
    3. organize the activities of drawing, involving youth, educators from the community.

2  2.6. Project key personnel:
1    1.Repida Elena
2    2. Sandul Liuba
3    3. Negruta Adelina
4    4. Coica Nadejda
5   5. Buga Eugen
6   6. Baltag Liuba

    27. Project partners :
“   "Stefan cel Mare si Sfint” Lyceum, Grigoriopol,
     Art Club, Grigoriopol
     Dorotcaia Lyceum, Dorocaia, Dubasari
     Youth Councils, Dorotcaia, Dubasari

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,,A Holiday for Everybody’’

                                                         ,,A Holiday For Everybody’’

   Access site: Hincesti
   Project title: ,,A Holiday for Everybody’’
    Project Coordinator: Capatina Vasile


      2.1. Project Duration(weeks/ months):
     Start date:  1th of  November         End date: 7th of  December.
       General project description : 
As a rule after Black Friday Christian people start organizing charity activities and we shall organize a Santa Fest to prepare Christmas presents for children from Hincesti orphanage.We shall have boxes in 3 schools and groups of pupils to manage it collecting the presents from children. On the day we bring the presents we organize a  ,,Snow Fest ‘’ for children from orphanage. As a happy moment we shall have a free hugs and free kisses meeting with all the participants .
       Project justification (what the problem(s) the project will address):  
To ensure tolerance among disabled and the pupils, everybody is accepted in the society and nobody is worth being rejected. No man is an island, everybody needs friends and affection. If you want to feel the holiday make a holiday for those less happy. Our Access students want to organize a holiday spirit for everybody in our city.
   2.4. Project main goal(s):
    1.To learn to be tolerant. understand and feel the meaning of  the proverb "Charity begins at home".

   2.5. Project objectives: (the actions the goal(s) will be achieved through)
  1 .To explain to the pupils what is charity.
  2. To organize the group of  leaders with their responsibilities.
  3. To create charity boxes and inspire the students.
  4 .To prepare greetings for children.
  5. To learn to appreciate the result of their activities giving free hugs and free kisses.

2.6. Project key personnel:
1.Capatina Vasile
2.Birdan Vasile
3.Cibotaru Mihai
4.Pascal Sergiu

  2.7. Project partners (national or international): 
1.Lyceum M. Eminescu
2.Lyceum M. Sadoveanu
3.Gymnazium M.Viteazu
4. NGO  ,,OTSM’’
5 .Peace Corps volunteer

6.Pasarea Albastra ( Centrul de plasament pentru cu copii cu dezabilitati)

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"Learn English Through Creativity"

Learn English Through Creativity

       General Information:
       Access site: Causeni 
Project title: "Learn English through creativity" 
Project Coordinator: Valeria Bugaevskaia   


      2.1. Project Duration: 2,5 months        Start date:   19/10                End date: 29/12
       General project description: We want to improve  20 children`s  (aged  8-12) English   through our  project.  Developing the handmade abilities, 20 kids will obtain a creative vision of their life. 

       Project justification (what the problem(s) the project will address): 
The problem is that teaching English is very low in Primary schools in our town . Hence, we think these activities can improve pupils’ English because they are going to be both educational as entertaining.

   2.4. Project main goal(s):
    1.  To develop children`s English level;
    2. To improve the knowledge of the American culture

   2.5. Project objectives: The actions the goal(s) will be achieved through:
  1.English lessons
  2.Handmade sessions
  3. Competitions
  4. Games in English
2.6. Project key personnel:
1.Advertising- Corina Oxani
2.Expenses- Cristina Talmazan, Sanda Chiperi
3.The program implementation – Nadejda Eftode, Iordan Anna
4.Englisn lessons – Valeria Bugaevskaia
 2.7. Project partners (national or international): 
1. NGO Center for Developing International Relationships
2. Schools (Lyceum A.Pushkin, Mihai Eminescu, Alexei Mateevici)
3. District Youth Council  

To visualize the project proposal, click on the documnt from below: 


Access Civic-engagement Projects


Thursday, November 19, 2015

“Different but Equal”

Different But Equal

       1.   General Information:

1.1  Access site: Access Edinet
1.2  Project title: “Different but equal”
1.3 Project Coordinator: Iulia Sorocan


      2.1. Project Duration(weeks/months): 4 weeks  
             Start date: October, 19th                    End date: December, 6th
2       2.2 General project description:
  A complex of activities and training for Access students with a collaboration with ONG “Salve!”    and “Vivere”. Access students and volunteers form “Salve!” will have a training together about    people with disability and their inclusion in our society. After that, students will organize these  trainings in 5 schools from Edinet town.

  2.3  Project justification (what the problem(s) the project will address) (minimum 3 phrases): 
Nowadays people are very concerned with their problems, they don’t care about what is going on. People who have disabilities are the same as everybody, we are all equal, despite any ability or disability, color or race, gender or sex. We want to spread this idea through teenagers in our town, to tell them about inclusion of people with disability in the society.
    2.4. Project main goal(s):
    1. Raise people’s awareness about the importance of social inclusion.
    2. Spread the idea that we are all created equal not matter what.
   2.5. Project objectives: (the actions the goal(s) will be achieved through)
1.      Organize a seminar for Access students and volunteers from “Salve!” named “Different but equal.”
2.      Organize a seminar with Access students and people with disabilities from NGO “Vivere”
3.      Organize a training about peer education where volunteers from “Salve!” will teach Success students how to do be a good trainer and organize seminars.
4.      Access students will organize seminars in 5 schools from Edinet.
5.      Organize a flashmob to raise people’s awareness about the issue.
6.      Discuss about the result of the projects and make report.

 2.6. Project key personnel:
1. Teacher assistant
2. Teacher
3. Access students

 2.7. Project partners (national or international): (schools the project participants will be from, local public authorities, Youth Council, NGO, Cultural centers, etc.):
1. NGO “Vivere”
2. Lyceums and schools from Edinet
3. NGO “Salve!”

To visualize the whole project proposal, click on the document from below: 

                                               PROJECT OUTCOMES 

The project results have been disseminated in the Edinet community through 
"Curierul de Edinet" Newspaper: 

"We Are All Different " Training presentation: